Applied Ethics in Agriculture

Sociology/Economics 362

Fall 2014

Instructors: [Arne Hallam | Paul Lasley]

Class Location & Time:105 Curtiss Hall, Wednesday 15:10-18:00

Course Information: [ Syllabus |

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Ethics in Agriculture  --  Overview Personal Philosophy Cultural Relativism
Six Pillars of Character Logical Arguments The Social Contract
Making Ethical Decisions Case Study Reasoning Agricultural Ethics - Kelvin Liebold
Moral Philosophy Writing Case Studies Ag Ethics Pretest -- Kelvin Liebold
Moral Theory Learning Moral Lessons from Stories Ethics and Moral Values - Clark Wolf
What is Morality --- Review    

Case Studies

Designing Society Case Studies I Veterinary Teaching Animals
A Used Car Case Studies II A Plow for Mexican Agriculture
Case Study Reasoning Case Studies III Anhydrous Ammonia Sales
Writing Case Studies Trolleyology  
What Makes a Good Case    



Morality and Moral Philosophy - Beauchamp Agricultural Ethics - CAST
Reading Guide for Morality and Moral Philosophy by Beauchamp Agricultural Ethics - Plant Physiology
Reading Guide for Making Ethical Decisions by Josephson Ethics of Biofuels
Concept of a Moral Position - Dworkin Trust in the Food Sector
The Human Predicament - Warnock The Precautionary Principle
The Strength of Being Clean Sustainability
Divine Command Statements Roundup Ready Alfalfa
Social Cost of Antibiotics
Virtues and Vices Animals and Human Obligations:  An Argument for Vegetarianism and Limited Testing
The Doctrine of the Double Effect - Foot Constraints and Animals - Nozick
Failed Promises of the Cigarette Industry What Kind of Landscape?
Selections from Leviathan - Hobbes Moral Confidence in Agriculture
Free Speech and Postmodernism The Emotional Dog and its Rational Tail
Motivated Moral Reasoning The New Synthesis in Moral Psychology
Universal Declaration of Human Rights Dissociation Between Moral Judgments & Justifications
Social Contract Theory Moral Cognition --- Mikhail
Bullying Universal moral grammar --- Mikhail
Hard Times The liver and the moral organ
Euthanasia A Theory of Justice - Rawls
Gun control in the United States: ethical perspectives for the twenty-first century Distributive Justice - Nozick
The Bill of Rights Precautionary Principle and Gender
What is Marriage  

Newspaper articles and such

Kind, Generous and Eager to Boast Illinois Admissions Scandal Can Biotech Food Cure World Hunger?
Lockerbie: Justice and Mercy Mineral Management Services The Carnivore's Dilemma
BofA --- Merrill Lynch: Bonuses Law and Manners Downer Cows
Bonuses for Bank Employees Enviropigs
Rural Brain Drain Genentech and Tanox The Bread We Waste
A New Tuskeegee Experiment Dream Mine Perishing Possessions
Torture Are Today's Grads Unprofessional? Unhappy Meals
Online Books Canadian Medical Journal The Omnivore's Delusion
Grades for Sex Forced Womb Removal McDonalds and Animal Welfare
You Liar! The End of Self-Help The "History" of DeCoster Farms
What if Marriage is Bad For Us?! Birth Control in Afghanistan Horse Racing
The Worst Thing About Gay Marriage DC-Sniper Alleged Pig Abuse
In Efforts to End Bullying, Some See Agenda Jane Austen's Ethics Agriprocesors --- Postville
The $31 Billion Revenue Fantasy Global Warming --- Hacked e-mails Animal, Vegetable, Miserable
AIG, Bailouts, and TARP Pay to Spray Sacrificial Animals
Money and Morals The Smell Test Conflict of Interest
Insider Trading Is Morality Innate and Universal? Factory Farms
Fort Hood Shooting The Moral Instinct Can the World Still Feed Itself?
Trials for Terrorists The Moral Naturalists Does Kenya Need GM Crops?
Hummer Love Moral Minds Do Animals Feel Regret?
A Bridge Too Far Whose Life Would You Save? Hedge To Arrive Contracts --- Lence
Rape, Kill, Sleep Around Research Integrity Further Reflections: We must do better with farming
Vengeance is Mine The Moral Life of Babies Fragile Land Converted to Crops
Proper Giving Neuroscience and Philosophy Common sense solutions are the way to fix water policy
Altruism and Economics Rebirth of Stem Cells Why do we CHEAT?
What Should a Billionaire Give? Offshore Stem Cell Research  
Shrinking Middle Class Stem Cell Research Fraud Economic Inequality
Kidney Donation(s) If It Feels Right 10 Days in Sweden
Market for Kidneys Why Men are in Trouble Making Resolutions
Kidneys and Jesus Christians Sexual Abuse at Penn State Ethics for Economists
Kidney For Life Grand Jury Testimony --- Jerry Sandusky The Sugary Secret of Self-Control
Kidney Donors Get Priority Reversing the Decay of London Undone Sports Injuries
An Organ Donor A German Judge Bans Judaism, Islam Cheating
Unnecessary Cardiac Procedures Don’t Always Blame Parents. Or Praise Them, Either. Selling Notes
Doping Doing the Ethical Thing May Be Right, but It Isn’t Automatic SAT Cheating
State Investigating YSS Doing the Right Thing, Whatever That Is The Shadow Scholar
The Anatomy of Government Failure What Is a Good Life? --- Dworkin Ghostwriting Lobbyists
We Need a Little Fear Gender Nonconformity Ghostwriting Medical Papers
C.I.A. Director David H. Petraeus Affair   Ethics for Graduate Advisers
The Things We Share   Harvard Cheating Scandal
A Conservative Catholic Now Backs Same-Sex Marriage    
Sex Exploitation Rotherham    

Hy-Line Hatchery Sparboe Egg Farms Pig Rescues Goat
Country View Family Farms Prisoner's Dilemma
Iowa Select Farms PCE Agitation Boat  


Relativism Deontology Race, Ethnicity, and Ethics
Divine Commands Virtue Ethics The Social Contract
Egoism Rights Theories Ethics and Justice
Utilitarianism Feminist Ethics The Moral Sense Test