University of Lleida


Located in Lleida Spain, the University of Lleida was founded in 1972.Since its beginning over 30 years ago, the University has flourished, growing in size to include over 2,800 students.There are eight different departments in the University with about 200 professors doing both research and teaching.Because of the importance of agriculture to the regionís economy, most areas of study at Lleida are related to agriculture.Some current issues under study include limited water in Northern Spain, the growing conditions under the many different types of soils, and the increasing use of conservational techniques.


The areas of study at the University include agroforestry engineering, horticulture, food growing botany and gardening, environmental and soil sciences, animal husbandry, plant production and forest science, chemistry, food technology, and mathematics.In addition to on-campus studies at Lleida, the University also provides services to farmers through research, development, and extension services.


During the short stay in Lleida, the tours involved many local businesses and the University research farm.The group also heard lectures on the current situation of Spanish agriculture, soil conditions, irrigation systems, and food production and safety.The picture below shows the irrigation system at the local research farm.The water flows from the Pyrenees Mountains and is regulated for farm and business use all over the Catalonia region.




Local Irrigation Systems at the University of Lleida Research Farm



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