Econ 496 - Travel Course

Agricultural Production, Business,

and Trade in Mexico


March 12-21, 2004


ISU Students on Top of the Pyramid of the Sun - Teotihuacan


Each spring semester the Economics Department at Iowa State University offers the agricultural study abroad course Econ 496.This 3-credit course involves a trip to a foreign country during spring break.The objectives of the program are to have students learn how agricultural goods are produced, marketed, and consumed in different countries, and to experience first-hand how foreign agribusinesses operate.The program is also provided to let students experience the differences between the culture and customs of foreign countries compared to those of the United States.


In 2004, the study-abroad course involved a trip to Mexico from March 12 through March 21.While in Mexico, students visited farms, agricultural businesses, and important historical sites.Students also interacted with the faculty and students of the Autonomous University of Chapingo.Some of the highlights of the trip can be seen in chronological order by following the links below:


       Day 1:Friday March 12th

       Day 2:Saturday March 13th

       Day 3:Sunday March 14th

       Day 4:Monday March 15th

       Day 5:Tuesday March 16th

       Day 6:Wednesday March 17th

       Day 7:Thursday March 18th

       Day 8:Friday March 19th

       Day 9:Saturday March 20th

       Day 10:Sunday March 21st


Judging by the studentsí comments about their experience, the 2004 program was highly successful:


       Studentsí comments about the trip


Additional Course Information:

       Instructors:Dr. William Edwards and Dr. Sergio Lence


       Student research projects



       Economic and Social Repercussions of Trade Regulations in the U.S. and Mexico

       High Fructose Corn Syrup and Cane Sugar Industries

       Impact of NAFTA on the United States

       Mexican Revolution



       Tips for Travelers

       More pictures from trip to Mexico:

       Pictures taken by Prof. Edwards

       Pictures taken by Sara Gourley

       Pictures taken by Michael Schrum

       Financial support:

       2004 Marlin Cole International Travel Grant (between $375/student and $500/student for eligible students majoring in agricultural business or economics)

       Other scholarships and funding may be available from the College of Agriculture Study Abroad Office (111 Curtiss Hall) and the ISU Study Abroad Center (Suite 256 Memorial Union)

       Classes:Orientation meetings held during spring semester, Wednesday 4:10-5:30 in 468D Heady Hall


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