Syllabus for Econ 502
Masters-Level Macroeconomic Theory

Syllabus Last Updated: 31 March 2017
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Next Course Offering: Fall 2017

Course Instructor:
Professor Leigh Tesfatsion
Department of Economics
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa 50011-1070
tesfatsi AT

502 Homepage (Course Structure & Grading Policy)
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General Macro/Financial Resources

Course Meeting Time and Place:
Tuesdays/Thursdays 11-1pm, Heady Hall, Room 272
Fridays 12:10-1pm, Heady Hall, Room 272

Instructor's Office and Office Hours:
Office: 375 Heady Hall, (515) 294-0138
Office Hours: F 10-12, and by appointment

Teaching Assistant (TA):
Mr. Jiayou Mei
jymei AT

TA's Office and Office Hours:
Office: 180A Heady Hall, (515) 294-6292
Office Hours: Thursdays 3-5:00pm, and by appointment

Syllabus Contents:

Required Course Materials

Basic Recommended Source Materials (On-Line, Library)


Midterm and Final Exam: General Policy

Important Caution: Please keep in mind that the readings, exercises, and course packet materials for this year's Econ 502 may differ in various ways from the materials assigned for Econ 502 in previous years, and these differences may be reflected in differences in the form and content of the exams. The exam study guides and practice exams provided below from past years are for general guidance only.

Indeed, the Econ 502 course topics presented in the second half of the course substantially changed in Fall 2008 relative to previous years. Consequently, to avoid confusion, no practice final exams are presented from years prior to 2008.

Midterm Exam:

Final Exam:

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