Globalization and Sustainability

T SC 220

Spring 2015

Instructors: [Mark Bryden | Arne Hallam | Richard LeSar]

Class Location & Time: MWF 11:00--11:50 in Howe 1240

Course Information: [Syllabus (pdf)]   [Contact Information (pdf)]

Sustainability Minor Information and Requirements


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General Handouts
How to Write a Newspaper Article  
List of Action Verbs  
Bloom's Taxonomy  
Millennium Development Goals  
Reading Questions on Biodiversity and Human Well-being  


Various Presentations From Various Years
Good, Bads, and Public Goods What Should We Expect from Biofuels
Introduction to Sustainability Social Sustainability Geological Perspectives on Sustainability
Energy --- Lecture 1 Population Principles --- Growth & Decline Amazon Sustainability
Energy --- Lecture 2 Economic Sustainability Sustainability and Rural Businesses 2010
Energy --- Lecture 3 Materials --- Lecture 1 Sustainability and Rural Businesses 2011
Energy --- Lecture 4 Materials --- Alex King Landscape Biomass 2010
Challenges Facing Energy in Iowa Materials --- Lecture 2 Landscape Biomass 2011
Systems --- Lecture 1 Materials --- Karl Gschneidner Live Green -- ISU
Systems --- Lecture 2 Materials --- Lecture 3  
Environmental Systems --- Lecture 1 Villages --- Lecture 2 Sustainable Rural Livelihoods
Climate Change -- Takle Sustainable Cities Malian Village
Systems --- Lecture 3 Water Sustainability Economics and Sustainability


Newspaper articles and such
Oil With No Apology Can Biotech Food Cure World Hunger? Does Helping the Planet Hurt the Poor?
Global Warming --- Hacked e-mails The Carnivore's Dilemma The Bathtub Analogy
Money and Morals The Bread We Waste EU Bans ... Carbon Offsets
Greenhouse Gases and the Amazon The Omnivore's Delusion Peak Coal?
Building A Green Economy --- Krugman Perishing Possessions Conflicts over Materials
Raw Materials Prices Enviropigs Rare Materials
Energy for the Future --- Gates and Holliday Animal, Vegetable, Miserable Detroit
Our Man-Made Energy Crisis  


Types of Sustainability Sustainable Agriculture
The Precautionary Principle What Kind of Landscape?
The Concept of Environmental Sustainability --- Goodland MacroSystems -- Abel
Tragedy of the Commons -- Hardin Biodiversity Loss Threatens Human Well-being
Common Property -- Wade Demand Management for Water Use in India
Social Dilemmas -- Dawes Water Pricing in Jordan
Chimps and Ultimatum Games -- Jensen et. al. A Targeted Conservation Approach for Improving Environmental Quality
Agent Based Complex Systems Conservation Goals and Endangered Species
Population Growth and Collapse The Problem of Social Cost --- Ronald Coase
Population Aggregation --- Janssen Property Rights --- Anderson and Grewell
FlocksHerdsSchools Collective Action --- Ostrum
Easter Island -- Diamond  
  A Review of the Stern Review on Climate Change -- Nordhaus
Social Sustainability: Towards Some Definitions A Review of the Stern Review on Climate Change -- Weitzman
Human Development and Economic Sustainability  
Catastrophic Shifts in Ecosystems  
Agroecology as Development  


AASHE Our Common Future WorldWatch Institute
Learning Objectives - ISU Our Common Future -- Chapter 2 United Nations
Global Resource Systems Major Global Development Resource Center The Oil Drum
Environmental Studies Major Leopold Center The Anthropic Network
Facing the Future  
  Foundation for Global Sustainability  
  Millennium Development Goals