Links of interest to Bengalis


  1. Bangla songs



  1. Bangla movies online (great to watch when you are “meghla deene ekla…”; includes Saptapadi, Teen Bhubaner Paare)
  2. Leaning Rabindrasangeet online
  3. Salil Choudhury (a site to honor that great man; such painstaking work)
  4. Tribute to the greats of Indian film and film music
  5. Parabaas (the first bangla e-zine, think of it as Desh potrika online!)
  6. Abasar (Information on law, health, science, environment and women's issues. Includes a directory of local and community services of Dhaka and Kolkata and recreational items. Need Bangla fonts)
  7. Birds of Kolkata (birds of Kolkata city in their natural environment through images)
  8. Kolkata Beckons (good recipes and a generally good source on everything related to Kolkata)
  9. Virtual Kolkata

     10. Wallpaper (for your desktop) of famous bengali actors/actresses of yesteryears


Thursday, June 08, 2006