No Free Lunch Club

Important: Guiding Principles

Pizza: buy 4 large pizzas, and 2 bottles of Coke/Diet Coke; ask/beg Cindy Pease (4th floor; 4-7318) to order it; pay her with a check or cash and a ; remind her to tell the pizza store to supply cups, plates, napkins etc.
Other foods are welcome.

Room: 468D
Membership TBA.

Feb 23 Marcello Sustainable fiscal policy with rising public debt-to-gdp ratios David H
March 2 Kwan   Marcello
March 9      
March 30      
April 6 Sunanda   Kwan
April 13 Brent   Sunanda
April 20 Helle   Hongli
April 27 Quinn and Rajesh Multiple Species Fishing Management Jinhua
May 4      
NFL Members
Helle Justin Charles Brent Jinhua Joydeep
Rajesh Philippe Cathy Marcello Sunanda  
  David H Kwan Hongli