Arne Hallam

Professor of Economics, Iowa State University
Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley

Interests: Production economics, environmental economics, sustainability, market structure, risk and uncertainty, productivity, international education

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Curriculum vitae

Economics 101 --- Principles of Economics Economics 500 --- Quantitative Methods in Economic Analysis I
Economics 207 --- Applied Economic Optimization Economics 501 --- Microeconomics
Economics 362 --- Applied Ethics in Agriculture Economics 671 --- Econometrics I
Technology and Social Change 220 --- Globalization and Sustainability  
Mathematics for Economics
Functions and Equations Multivariate Calculus
Systems of Equations Convexity and Optimization
Univariate Calculus Simple Multivariate Optimization
Optimization with Functions of a Single Variable Simple Constrained Optimization
A Little Real Analysis General Constrained Optimization
Implicit Function Theorem Economic Optimality
  Comparative Statics
Linear Algebra
Introduction to Matrix Algebra Geometry of Matrices
Matrix Equations, Determinants and Inverses Characteristic Vectors
Slides on Matrix Algebra Miscellaneous Matrix Algebra
Quadratic Forms  

Mathematical Statistics
Probability Concepts Basic Statistics
Some Probability Distributions Testing and Confidence Intervals
Random Variables Quadratic Forms and Normal Variables
Multivariate Probability Distributions Testing and Confidence Intervals
Transformations Large Sample Theory
Sample Moments  
Microeconomic Theory
Introduction to Microeconomics  
Technology and the Firm  
Production Functions  
Profit Maximization  
Profit Functions  
Cost Functions  

Introduction to Mathematica Matrix Algebra
Univariate Calculus Advanced Matrix Algebra
Univariate Optimization Multivariate Calculus
Multivariate Calculus Multivariate Optimization
Simple Constrained Optimization Portfolio6.0
Portfolio 5.2  

Selected Papers:

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