David A. Hennessy

Professor, Ph.D., Iowa State, 1993

Interests: Agricultural Economics, Infectious Disease, Economic Theory, Commodity Markets, Risk and Information Economics

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Selected Recent Published Works:

  • "Behavioral Incentives, Equilibrium Endemic Disease, and Health Management Policy for Farmed Animals." American Journal of Agricultural Economics, forthcoming.
  • "On the Nature of Certainty Equivalent Functionals." (with Harvey Lapan) Journal of Mathematical Economics, 43(December 2006):1-10.
  • “On Monoculture and the Structure of Crop Rotations.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 88(November 2006):900-914.
  • "Precautionary Bans, Adjustment Costs, and Quality of Scientific Information." (with GianCarlo Moschini) American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 88(May 2006):308-323.
  • "Infectious Disease, Productivity, and Scale in Open and Closed Animal Production Systems." (with Jutta Roosen and Helen Jensen) American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 87(November, 2005):900-917.
  • "An Algebraic Theory of Multi-Product Decisions." (with Harvey Lapan) Economic Theory, 25(June, 2005):819-829.
  • "Testing for the Monotone Likelihood Ratio Assumption." (with Jutta Roosen) Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 22(July, 2004):358-366.
  • "Property Rights, Productivity, and the Nature of Non-Contractible Actions in a Franchise." Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 52(December, 2003):443-468.
  • "A Definition of 'More Systematic Risk' with Some Welfare Implications." (with Harvey Lapan) Economica, 70(August, 2003):493-507.
  • "An Algebraic Theory of Portfolio Allocation." (with Harvey Lapan) Economic Theory, 22(1, 2003):193-210.
  • "Technology Asymmetries, Group Algebra, and Multi-Plant Cost Minimization." (with Harvey Lapan) Economic Inquiry, 41(January, 2003):183-192.
  • "Symmetry and Order in the Portfolio Allocation Problem." (with Harvey Lapan) Economic Theory, 19(4, 2002):747-772.
  • "Stochastic Pollution, Permits, and Merger Incentives." (with Jutta Roosen), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 37(April 1999):211-232.

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