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Market Outlook and Trends

Iowa Farm Outlook Regularly updated market outlook newsletter.

Livestock Marketing Information Center The LMIC has provided economic analysis and projections about issues and conditions concerning the livestock industry. 

Decision Making Tools

CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) information

Livestock Revenue Protection for Cattle Description and simple analysis of price insurance for cattle.

Seasonal Patterns in Choice Select Boxed Beef Price Spread 2000-2004 C-S spread by two-week period.

Choice Select Spread 2004, 2005, and 2000-2004 average

Choice Select Annual Price Spread 1989-2004


Risk Management for Cattle Producers:
Life of Contract Price Pattern Table 1984-2003
Feb 2004
Life of Contract Price Pattern Charts 1984-2003 Feb 2004

Livestock Enterprise Budgets for Iowa 2005

Risk Management for Cattle Feedlots: Futures Buy and Sell Signals August 2005

Summary of Estimated Returns 1994-2004 Analysis of returns and risk to five livestock enterprises, updated May 2004

Cattle Market Planner - Calculate futures and options strategies for both beef and pork producers, updated April 2001

Price Change by Two-week Period 1996-2005 Iowa-Southern Minnesota Choice Steers

Live Cattle Basis A three year summary of the Iowa Fed Cattle Basis (2001-2004)     

Cattle Feeding Budgets Excel spreadsheet budgets and breakeven purchase price estimator.

Feeder Cattle Basis Three year average basis for St. Joseph, MO 5-600 & 7-800 feeder cattle prices

Estimated Livestock Returns Monthly barometer of livestock profitability.

County Level Cattle Data for Iowa

Futures Data  Cash and Futures Data from 1995-2003

Commodity Market Reports  Links to current cash and futures prices

Feedlot Short Course 2004 Market Summary

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