Lise Vesterlund

From Aug. 2001, I will be working at the Department of Economics, University of Pittsburgh. Email:

Interests: Public finance, experimental and behavioral economics

Research Papers:

Charitable Giving

"Which is the Fair Sex? Gender Differences in Altruism," with Jim Andreoni. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 116, February 2001, 293-312. Download in PDF. View Abstract.

"The Informational Value of Sequential Fundraising." Revise and resubmit at Journal of Public Economics. Download in PDF.

"Provision Point Mechanism: A Case of Overprovision of Public Goods," with Massimo Morelli. Download in PDF.



"What Makes an Allocation Fair? Some Experimental Evidence," with Jim Andreoni and Paul Brown. Forthcoming Games and Economic Behavior. Download in PDF.

"The Carrot or the Stick: Rewards, Punishments, and Cooperation, with Jim Andreoni and Bill Harbaugh. Download in PDF.


Other Behavioral Economics

"Are Adults Better Behaved Than Children? Age, Experience, and the Endowment Effect," with Bill Harbaugh and Kate Krause. Economics Letters, 2001, 70(2): 175 181. Download in PDF.

"Probability Weighting by Children and Adults," with Bill Harbaugh and Kate Krause. Revise and resubmit Experimental Economics. Download in PDF.


"The Effects of Risk Aversion on Job Matching: Can Differences in Risk Aversion Explain the Wage Gap?" Download in PDF.


Curriculum Vitae: Download in PDF.


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