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Curriculum vitae

At Lake LaVerne. September 16, 2019

At Lake LaVerne. September 16, 2019
Photo credit: Melissa Stukenholtz

Welcome! I am an associate professor of economics at the Department of Economics, Iowa State University (ISU).

Research in brief

My research interests include labor economics, finance, and applied econometrics. I have published in the Journal of Monetary Economics and Journal of Labor Economics, among other journals. ...Learn more...

Teaching in brief

My responsibilities at ISU involve teaching a graduate labor economics course (Econ 621X) and an undergraduate principles of macroeconomics course (Econ 102). ...Learn more...

Service in brief

I supervise research of economics graduate students and sit on the LAS Faculty Representative Assembly. ...Learn more...

About me in brief

I grew up in Ukraine and got B.A. and M.A. degrees in economics from the University of Kiev-Mohyla Academy. I completed a Ph.D. degree in economics at the University of Virginia and have been at ISU since August 2008. ...Learn more...