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Curriculum vitae

At Lake LaVerne. September 16, 2019

At Lake LaVerne. September 16, 2019
Photo credit: Melissa Stukenholtz

Welcome! I am an associate professor of economics at the Department of Economics, Iowa State University.

Research in brief

My main research interests include labor economics and finance. I have published in the Journal of Labor Economics, Journal of Monetary Economics, and Journal of Financial Intermediation among other journals. ...Learn more...

Teaching in brief

My responsibilities at ISU involve teaching undergraduate and graduate labor economics courses and an undergraduate principles of macroeconomics course. ...Learn more...

Service in brief

I chair the departmental microeconomics qualifying examination committee and sit on the LAS Faculty Representative Assembly. ...Learn more...

About me in brief

I grew up in Ukraine and got B.A. and M.A. degrees in economics from the University of Kiev-Mohyla Academy. I completed a Ph.D. degree in economics at the University of Virginia and have been at ISU since August 2008. ...Learn more...