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Regular Weekly Summer 2009 Meeting: F 3-5pm, Heady 568B

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AMES Wholesale Power Market Test Bed (Java): A Free Open-Source Computational Laboratory for the Agent-Based Modeling of Electricity Systems

The AMES Wholesale Power Market Test Bed (Java), developed by Hongyan Li (ISU), Junjie Sun (OCC, U.S. Treasury), and Leigh Tesfatsion (ISU), is an extensible and modular agent-based computational laboratory for the systematic experimental study of restructured wholesale power markets. AMES models strategic traders with learning capabilities interacting within an ISO-managed wholesale power market operating over an AC transmission grid subject to congestion effects. Congestion on the grid is managed by means of locational marginal prices derived from bid/offer-based optimal power flow solutions. AMES is a free open-source tool suitable for research, teaching, and training applications. A graphical user interface permits the creation, modification, analysis and storage of scenarios, parameter initialization and editing, specification of behavioral rules (e.g. learning methods) for market participants, and output reports through table and chart displays. AMES is an acronym for Agent-based Modeling of Electricity Systems.

DCOPFJ (Java): A Free Open-Source Solver for DC Optimal Power Flow Problems

The DCOPFJ Package (Java), developed by Junjie Sun (OCC, U.S. Treasury) and Leigh Tesfatsion (ISU), is a free open-source stand-alone solver for small to medium-sized DC optimal power flow problems having a strictly convex quadratic programming (SCQP) formulation. The DCOPFJ package incorporates an SCQP solver (QuadProgJ) wrapped in an outer SI-to-PU data processing shell. QuadProgJ implements the well-known dual active-set SCQP algorithm developed by Goldfarb and Idnani (1983). QuadProgJ has been shown to match or exceed the accuracy of the proprietary C-language QP solver BPMPD (highly recommended by MATPOWER) when tested on a public repository of small to medium-sized SCQP problems. The DCOPFJ package has been successfully run on DC-OPF test cases commonly used for training purposes.

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