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Agent-Based Computational Economics (ACE)

Last Updated: 15 April 2017

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ACE news notes are prepared and posted at the ACE Website as time permits. These news notes provide pointers to the pages at the ACE Website that have been most extensively updated since the last news notes posting. Whenever news notes are ready for posting, a brief announcement about this posting is emailed to all participants in a moderated Majordomo announcements-only ACE news list. Subscription to this moderated announcements-only news list is open to any interested readers.

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Important Note: If you have a signature block appended to your email messages, it is particularly important that you include the word "end" on a separate line at the end of any email message being sent to Majordomo. This prevents Majordomo from generating spurious error messages as it tries to read your signature block.

Please contact Leigh Tesfatsion if you have materials of possible interest to ACE researchers that you would like included at the ACE Website. In order to keep maintenance requirements within reasonable bounds, only materials of relatively permanent scientific interest can be accepted.

Conference announcements and other time-sensitive materials can instead be posted at the SCE and SimSoc mailing lists. Subscription information for the SCE and SimSoc mailing lists can be accessed here.

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