ISU Artificial Life Workshop
Fall 1997 Schedule of Topics, Moderators, and Readings

Meeting Time and Place: Friday, 1:30-3, Catt Hall 302, unless otherwise indicated

Last Updated: 5 December 1997

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September 5: Special Starting Time--2:10 P.M. Organizational Meeting Moderated by Dan Ashlock (Math)

September 12: Building Alife Worlds, Part 1, Moderated by Leigh Tesfatsion (Econ). Concrete illustrations of software and hardware alife applications at the molecular, cellular, organism, and population levels. Reading: "Introduction to Artificial Life," by Christopher Langton, pp 1-47 in Artificial Life, Santa Fe Institute Studies in the Sciences of Complexity, Addison-Wesley, 1988.

September 19 Building Alife Worlds, Part 2: Continuation of Part 1, moderated by Leigh Tesfatsion (Econ).

September 26: Special Meeting Place--Catt 353 Building Alife Worlds, Part 3. Introductory discussion of virtual world building, moderated by John Walker (ME). Discussion of "Blobworld," a xenobiological simulation of unicellular and multicellular life in a drop of water, moderated by Dan Ashlock (Math). Reading: Hand-out on Blobworld research in progress by Dan Aschlock and Matt Kelly.

October 3: Agent Representation in Alife Models, Part 1. Moderated by Karthik Balakrishnan (CS). Reading: D. Ackley and M. Littman, "Interactions Between Learning and Evolution," pp. 487-509 in C. Langton et al. (eds.), _Artificial Life II_, SFI Studies in the Sciences of Complexity, Vol. X, Addison-Wesley, 1991.

October 10: Agent Representation in Alife Models, Part 2. Moderated by Veronica Dark (Psych). Reading: S. Nolfi, J. Elman, and D. Parisi, "Learning and Evolution in Neural Networks," _Adaptive Behavior_ 3 (1994), pp. 5-28.

October 17 (Oct 15=visit by S. J. Gould): Agent Representation in Alife Models, Part 3. Discussion of Gould visit. Continuation of October 10 discussion moderated by Veronica Dark (Psych).

October 24: Agent Representation in Alife Models, Part 4. Moderated by Bill Robinson (Phil). Reading: Rick Grush, "The Architecture of Representation," _Philosophical Psychology_ 10 (1997), 5-23.

October 31: Alife Application/Policy Use, Part 1. Moderated by Rick Hawkins (Econ). Reading: "Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Breeding Patterns: Optimizing Recursive Equations," by Richard E. Hawkins.

November 7: Alife Application/Policy Use, Part 2. First part of workshop moderated by Jay Wacker (Physics) focusing on his work on molecular structure identification. Second part of workshop moderated by Jamie Morris (Physics) focusing on some work on polymer design using genetic algorithms, and also (if time) some of his work on structural optimization.

November 14: Alife Application/Policy Use, Part 3. Topic: Some genetic programming applications in engineering, moderated by Ron Nelson (ME). Reading: "Evolutionary Identification of Macro-Mechanical Models," by Schoenaur et al., in Advances in Genetic Programming, Volume 2, edited by P. Angeline and K. Kinnear, Jr., 1996.

November 21: Alife Application/Policy Use, Part 4. Topic: Double auctions and the modelling of deregulated electric power markets, moderated by Chuck Richter (EE). Reading: "Genetic Programming for the Acquisition of Double Auction Market Strategies," by M. Andrews and R. Prager, in Advances in Genetic Programming, edited by K. E. Kinnear, Jr., MIT Press, 1994.

November 28: Thanksgiving Break -- No Workshop

December 5: Special Meeting Place--Catt 353 Alife Models in Education. Moderated by Dan Ashlock (Math). Discussion of possible complex adaptive systems minor at ISU.

December 12: Final Exam Week -- No Workshop