Information about the Microsoft .Net Framework

What is it?

What are the requirements?

How Did I Get It?
  • You are running Windows 2003. (Warning: speculation only - I do not have access to Windows 2003 yet.) Win2003 comes with the .Net Framework already installed. If you run in to errors, insert the Win2003 installation cd, and make sure that this component is installed.

  • You have Visual Studio .Net, Visual Studio 2003, or any other software development kit that includes this framework (this list does not include Visual Studio 6 or older - these predate the framework). If you are unsure about this, you probably do not have one.

  • Windows update This download is available via Microsoft Windows Update, though it is not a critical update, so unless you specifically chose to install it, it probably was not installed this way.

  • You have installed other software that relies on the framework. That software either had you install this software, or did it for you.


    How can I write code for the framework?