Syllabus of Readings

Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS), Artificial Life (AL),
Agent-Based Modeling (ABM), and
Agent-Based Computational Economics (ACE)

2. Evolutionary Computation

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This site was actively maintained from 1996-2006. However, by 2006 the CAS/AL/ABM/ACE literature was growing at a rapid rate, making it difficult to maintain this broad a coverage. Since 2006 attention has been more narrowly focused on CAS/AL/ABM/ACE-related materials of possible interest to ACE researchers. For annotated pointers to research on evolutionary learning algorithms, visit: ACE Research Area: Learning and the Embodied Mind.

Table of Contents:

2. Evolutionary Computation

2.A Introductory Readings on Evolutionary Computation

2.B Genetic Algorithms and Evolving Rule Sets

2.C Genetic Programming

2.D Evolutionary Programming and Evolution Strategies

2.E Artificial Neural Networks

2.F Other Readings of Interest

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