Tiberius Caesar

  P.1512 - §4 (Jesus was almost thirty-one and one-half years old when he was baptized. While Luke says that Jesus was baptized in the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar, which would be A.D. 29 since Augustus died in A.D. 14, it should be recalled that Tiberius was coemperor with Augustus for two and one-half years before the death of Augustus, having had coins struck in his honor in October, A.D. 11. The fifteenth year of his actual rule was, therefore, this very year of A.D. 26, that of Jesus' baptism. And this was also the year that Pontius Pilate began his rule as governor of Judea.)
Tiberius Tiberius
tiberius tiberius
tiberius tiberius
sword sword
victory victory

Ref Tiberius AR Denarius, RIC 26, RSC 16, BMC 34

Tiberius. 14-37 AD. AR Denarius. TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVST, laureate head right / PONTIF MAXIM, Livia, as Pax, seated right; plain legs to chair. BMCRE 34; RSC 16.

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