World War II Timeline

year   See World War II Timeline for more details. Emery Reeves, a hungarian immigrant, known for his books, Democratic Manifesto and Anatomy of Peace, stated that keeping peace rested on the shoulders of English speaking nations, and that had the US sent 25,000 - 50,000 troops to Germany to prevent its military buildup, WWII could have been prevented altogether and that the US had known, but chose not to interfere with the problems of Europe or Asia (Monroe doctrine, 1823).
Adolf Hitler is in control of National Socialist German Workers (Nazi) party
Benito Mussolini becomes a dictator in Italy
September 18
Japanese army invades Manchuria
October 5
Italian army invades Ethiopia
July 7
Japan invades China (Shanghai)
March 12
Germany invades Austria, and later Czech Sudetenland
March 15
Germany invades Czechslovakia
September 1
Germany army invades Poland. Two days later Britain and France declare war on Germany
Germany invades Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium, France
July 10
Battle of Britain begins
September 27
Tripartite alliance formed between Germany, Italy and Japan
June 22
Germany invades the Soviet Union
December 7
Japanese invades US naval base at Pearl Harbor
February 2
German Sixth Army surrenders to the Russians
June 6
Invasion of Europe by Allied forces begins at Normandy
April 28
Mussolini hanged by Italians. Two days later Hitler commits suicide
August 15
Japan's surrender ends WWII.
copy (National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo)
Total caualties: 72 million. Germany (7.2 million), Italy (.5 million), Japan (2.6 million), US (.4 million), UK (.5 million), Soviet Union (26.2 million), China (20 million)