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Syllabus for Econ 321 Fall 2021

Original piece on Story County Growth compared to similar counties (June 2, 2006).


Powerpoints from my presentation to the Ames Comumunity Development Forum, January 18, 2007


Orazem, Peter F. Somerset and urban sprawl (May 25, 2007)

Download pdf here

A shortened version published in The Ames Tribune June 19, 2007


Orazem, Peter F. Retail sales growth in Ames: 1980-2005 (May 25, 2007)

Download pdf here

A shortened version published in The Ames Tribune June 20, 2007


Orazem, Peter F.Ames employment growth: 2000-2007 (May 25, 2007)

Download pdf here

A shortened version published in The Ames Tribune June 21, 2007


Quirmbach and Ravenscroft on Growth for its own sake The Ames Tribune July 29, 2007

Download Quirmbach and Ravenscroft pdf here

Orazem rejoinder shortened version published The Ames Tribune August 3, 2007

Fletcher letter The Ames Tribune August 5, 2007


Why Ames is not Lawrence, Kansas July 19, 2007††

Download pdf hereShortened version appeared in The Ames Tribune September 4, 2007


Why Isnít Main Street in the Middle of Town? August 5, 2007.Shortened version appeared in The Ames Tribune October 6, 2007

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Starting a business in Ames in comparison to the U.S. and the rest of the world December 20, 2007. A version appeared in The Ames Tribune December 26, 2007


Where should we place the Social Services Campus?February 22, 2008


Why Ames lacks entrepreneurs

A version appeared in the Ames Tribune July 31, 2008


Two public goods ideas for Ames The Ames Tribune March 20, 2009


Why the Iowa Stimulus (IJobs) is doomed to failure Des Moines Register April 9, 2009


Labor Day Essay: Manufacturing jobs require an education Des Moines Register September 7, 2009


Ames Employment Outlook, September 2010


Runaway tuition in Iowa? Des Moines Register June 7, 2011


Ames Employment Outlook, May 2011

Ames regional Employment outlook, May 2011

Ames regional Employment outlook, June 2012

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Ames Employment Outlook February 2014

The Importance of Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment and Restaurant Jobs to the Ames Economy - 2/14/2014

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Ames Economic Outlook March 2015

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ISU CLAS Graduation Talk December 2015

Memorial Day 2016

Ames Economic Outlook, July 2016

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The Ames Rental Housing Market July 2017

City Council Retirement 2017

Ames Economic Outlook as of January 2018

An Explanation for why the United Way ALICE Study Misrepresents Poverty in Ames and in Iowa

Ames Economic Outlook, October 2019

Why the Unacast Social Distancing Scorecard does not measure social distancing

How commuting affects the incidence of Covid-19 in urban job centers

Are state Covid-19 policies really different from each other?

How has covid-19 affected the labor market and some thoughts on reopening the economy

The progress of the covid-19 labor, retail, and property markets in Iowa

Should we be worried about inflation?

Should we be worried about the labor force?

What is the tradeoff between covid infections and the economic recovery?

When will the labor market recover from the Great Resignation?

Why is inflation so persistent this time?

Why inflation will remain persistent



Osborn Club Talk, April 13, 2009