Robert N. Wisner

University Professor

Ag. Extension Economics
Ph.D. in Ag Economics,
University of Tennessee, 1967

Interests: Grain and oilseed market analysis, price 
forecasting, marketing, international trade in grains 
and oilseeds, agricultural policy, and risk management


Ec 338C final 2008

Ec 338C class notes 5/01/08

EC 338C class notes 4/30/08

EC 338C class notes 4/24/08

EC 338C assignment 4/24/08

Econ 338-C: Grain Marketing 

Agricultural Marketing Resource Center for Value-Added Agriculture

Agricultural Chartbook of historical data

Weekly Foreign Precipitation Maps    

Foreign Crop Conditions

Global Weather: Canadian Wheat Board

World Wheat & Feed Grain Reserve Stocks 

Do You Need a Market Advisory Service?

Fundamentals of Commodity Charting

Link to ISU Extension Ag Decision-Maker Farm  Management  Info 

Link to ISU Advanced Grain Marketing Web Course

Iowa Grain Quality Initiative Site

How Counter Cyclical Payments are Determined and Paid 03/04/03

Prices Needed Rest of Season to Generate Counter Cyclical Corn & Soybean Payments Updated 06/25/07

USDA World & U.S. Crop Projections

USDA Global Data Set & Custom Quiry

USDA global satellite crop condition data

USDA Foreign Ag Service Grain & Oilseed Circulars (contain current & long-term data)

Global Markets & World Market News

Tokyo Grain Exchg. Non-GMO soybean futures

Long-run U.S. corn yields

Current corn & soybean export charts

Managing Risks & Profits Educational Modules 

Managing Risks & Profits : Market Commentary, Risk Management, Pre-harvest Pricing (Supplementary Info), Price Data, Other.
Managing Risks & Profits Supplementary Materials

Brazil Slides

U.S. & Brazil Competitive Position

USDA, AMS Weekly Grain & Feed Mkt. News including weekly export inspections

Historical & Projected U.S. Corn & Soybean Exports, Reserve Stocks and Yield Variability Use Internet Explorer)


Iowa Crop Files

Iowa Crop & Livestock Reporting Service

Iowa County Crop Yields

Managing Risks and Profits Market Info

Futures Quotes & Data

Genetically & Non-Genetically Modified Crops: 
How they are developed, produced, and marketed 

Grain Basis Charts by Contract month & District

Grain Basis Under Near-By Futures (available Soon)

StarLink and GMO Update

Grain Marketing Slides

Winnepeg Futures Markets



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Texas A & M slides Jan 26, 2011

Texas A & M slides 1//14/10 with corn balance sheet updated 1/18/10

Slides from Wisner AAEA Biofuels Symposium, July 27, 2009, Milwaukee, WI


Text summary of Above AAEA Presentation


Web Site for all Ag Marketing Resource Center Renewable Fuels Newsletters, 2008 & 2009


Slides for First International Feed Ingredients Congress, Spain, June 10-12. 2009

World Pork Expo 2009 slides - PPT

World Pork Expo 2009 slides - web archieves


Corn Balance Sheet

Soybean Balance Sheet

Biofuels Newsletters

Weekly USDA Ethanol Summary Report

Weekly USDA Energy report


Biofuels & grain markets, 12 01 08 PDF Version


Biofuels & grain markets, 12 01 08 HTML Version



CME Biofuels Conference 3/25/08

Ag Law Conference 3/27/08

N.W. Iowa 3/24/08

Iowa Farm Outlook 
Twice/month publication, ISU Extension Economics

2008 Crop Advantage Presentation

2007 Integrated Crop Management Conference PPT

PDF File



Wisner Meeting Schedule, Fall 2007

Animal Science Society Presentation 7/11/07

Argentine flooding & crop areas late March 07

Outlook 9 06 07 Nashua, IA -- PDF PPT version

National Dry Millers Annual Meeting Slides Text summary

Tel Aviv University Presentation 5/15/07

Michigan Agricultural Conference 11 02 06

Daily Gulf Export Prices & Export Inspections

Asian Rust

Brazil Transportation Developments

More Brazil Transportation Info

Meeting schedules, 2006-07

Iowa District Crop Estimates 10/12/06

Future of China's Corn Trade, Dec. 1 ICN Conference

Wisner Historical Balance Sheets – pdf   Updated 11/12/07    Shorter version


USDA Balance Sheets 11/12/07 PPT version Pdf version

Grain trade market comments I


Grain trade market comments II


Grain trade maraket comments III


Other Commercial Market Commentary


 Futures,  Price Charts, Cash Prices @ Various Iowa & Midwest Locations   

U.S. & South American Weather  


Iowa October 2004 crop estimates by crop district

LDPs & County Loan Rates

Exchange rates  

U.S Crop progress & crop conditions
State crop condition reports     

Cumulative export sales to date vs. yr ago &

Current Oilseed Crushings Links
Export Sales

China corn, swine & poultry trends (Mid-May 04)

Grain basis charts for north central Iowa  Corn   Soybeans

Carryover to use & corn price

Basics of Grain Hedging & Options

Historical soy crush, prices & exports chart, including short crops Corn reserve stocks & soymeal carryover

U.S. exports & foreign feed grain production 10/12/02

Research Shows Performance of New-crop Pricing Strategies (pdf)

ISeasonal Corn & Soybean Price Patterns

  2002 farm bill

GMO Wheat & International Markets I

GMO Wheat & International Markets II

GMO Wheat & International Markets III (11/04/03)

Cargill acquisition of Continental Grain

Charts of corn planting progress & U.S.Yield Deviations from
Trend, late planting years updated 6/04/02

USDA link to 2002 farm programs 5/15/02

Basics of Grain Options

Link to Minneapolis Grain Exchange (Corn/Soybean Cash Index Contracts)

Brazil Map (Use with Internet Explorer. For detail, click "edit slide")
China Corn & Wheat Trade Charts 

China Corn Production Charts

Other Exporter Feed Grain Export Chart

LDP Historical Data

Corn basis charts & tables 

Grain Contracts & Risk

Articlesoutlook/marketing 1/16/02(Best viewed with Internet Explorer)

Future Directions for China’s Food Demand

Are Large-Scale Agricultural-Sector Economic Models Suitable for Forecasting?

Pre-Harvest Pricing Study

Integrated Production and Price Risk Management: Impacts on Level and Variability of Corn and Soybean Producers’ Net Returns: 1998 AAEA

Pre-Harvest Pricing Charts, 1975-2001, Corn & Soybeans  (Use Internet Explorer) 

Weather, El Niño, La Niña

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Links best viewed with:

U.S. Agricultural Technology 1941. (Wisner’s early connection with agriculture: at the wheel of 1941 Silver King).

1946 Silver King Tractor before decals were installed (Sept. 2001 photo)

1941 Silver King being restored, summer 2005

Chinese Agricultural Technology 2000

More photos (2002)

Photo I

Photo II

Photo III

Starting point

Work in progress

Nov. 2008