Iowa State University

Iowa State University

Wendong Zhang, Associate Professor of Economics

Publications - Work in Progress


He, Xi, Ed Balistreri, Anton Yang, and Wendong Zhang. "Agricultural Trade Impacts of RCEP: an Integrated Partial Equilibrium and General Equilibrium Assessment"

Li, Haoran, Gary Lyn, Anton Yang, Wendong Zhang. "Granular Comparative Advantage: Evidence from Chinese Firms"

Liu, Hongxing, Wendong Zhang, Elena G. Irwin, Jeffery Kast, and Jay F. Martin. "Reversing Property Rights to Address Agricultural Water Pollution: Insights From a Performance-based Water Quality Trading System"

Chen, Chen-Ti, Tao Xiong and Wendong Zhang. "A Tale of Two Potatoes: A Comparative Analysis of the U.S. and Chinese Potato Price Responses to COVID-19"

Chen, Chen-Ti, Tao Xiong and Wendong Zhang. "The Winners and Losers of China's African Swine Fever: Firm-Level Stock Market Evidence from the Pork Supply Chain"

Xiong, Tao and Wendong Zhang. "When China Strikes: Quantifying Australian Agricultural Companies' Stock Price Responses to China's Trade Restrictions"

Wan, Xibo, John Crespi, Wei Zhang, Wendong Zhang. "Do Organic Consumers Buy Less Vice Foods? Evidence from Nielsen Retail Scanner Data"

Wan, Xibo, Yongjie Ji, Pengfei Liu, and Wendong Zhang. “Incorporating Recreational Benefits of Water Quality into Property Value Models: Insights from the Iowa Lakes Survey”

Liu, Fangge and Wendong Zhang. "Homeowners’ Willingness to Pay for Lake Restoration: A Differencesin-Differences Approach"