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Wendong Zhang, Associate Professor of Economics

Publications - Working Papers


17. Xiong, Tao, Wendong Zhang, and Fangxiao Zhao. May 2022. "When China Strikes: Quantifying Australian Agricultural Companies' Stock Price Responses to China's Trade Restrictions", Under Review at Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 


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4. Maule, Beatrice, Wendong Zhang, and Qing Liu, April 2022. Of Women and Land: How Gender Affects Successions and Transfers of Iowa Farms. Revisions Requested at Applied Economic Policy and Perspectives

(Winner of the 2021 AAEA Undergraduate Paper Competition)


3. Rodriguez, L., S. Qu, G. Han, W. Zhang, M. Li, and E. Cork. July 2020. “What Midwest Farmers Think about the Trade Dispute with China: Concerns, Claims, Solutions, and Information Needs”, Under Review at Journal of Agricultural and Food and Information,


2. Hasan, Syed M. and Wendong Zhang. May 2020. Will Urbanization in Developing Countries Reduce Carbon Emissions? Panel Data Evidence from Pakistani Household Surveys.


1. Zhang, Wendong, and Elena G. Irwin. June 2017. The Expanding Ethanol Market and Farmland Values: Identifying the Changing Influence of proximity to Agricultural Market Channels. mimeo.