Jinhua Zhao

Associate Professor, Ag., Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1997 

Interests: Natural resource and environmental economics, trade and environment, real option theory, technology adoption, dynamic optimization and structural dynamic estimation


Selected Journal Articles:

  • "The Dynamic Formation of Willingness to Pay: An Empirical Specification and Test," (with Jay Corrigan and Cathy Kling) Environmental and Resource Economics, forthcoming (download)
  • "Optimal Use of Correlated Information in Mechanism Design When Full Surplus Extraction May Be Impossible," (with Subir Bose,) Journal of Economic Theory, v 135, 2007, 357-381. (download) (Technical appendix of the paper)
  • “The Subsidy for Adopting Conservation Tillage: Estimation from Observed Behavior,” (with Lyubov A. Kurkalova and Catherine L. Kling), Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, v 54, 2006, 247-267. (Winner of 2007 Outstanding Journal Article, Canadian Agricultural Economics Association.) (download)
  • "Alternative Intertemporal Permit Trading Regimes with Stochastic Abatement Costs," (with Hongli Feng,) Resource and Energy Economics, v 28, 2006, 24-40
  • "Willingness-to-Pay, Compensating Variation, and the Cost of Commitment," (with Cathy Kling), Economic Inquiry,  v 42, n 3, July 2004, 503-517
  • "Policy Persistence in Environmental Regulation," (with Cathy Kling), Resource and Energy Economics, V 25, 2003, 255-268
  • "Irreversible Abatement Investment Under Cost Uncertainties: Tradable Emission Permits and Emissions Charges," Journal of Public Economics, v 87, December 2003, 2765-2789
  • "The Uncertain Benefits of Environmental Reform in Open Economies," (With Larry Karp and Sandeep Sacheti), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, v45, n2, March 2003, 246-264
  • "The Time Path and Implementation of Carbon Sequestration," (with Hongli Feng and Cathy Kling), American Journal of Agricultural Economcis, v84, n1, Feb 2002, 134-149
  • "A New Explanation for the WTP/WTA Disparity," (With Cathy Kling), Economics Letters, v73, 2001, 293-300 (available on line at http://www.elsevier.nl/homepage/sae/econbase/ecolet)
  • "Common Ground Between Free-traders and Environmentalists," (With Larry Karp and Sandeep Sacheti), International Economic Review, v 42, n 3, August 2001, 617-647
  • "On the Long-Run Efficiency of Auctioned vs. Free Permits," (With Cathy Kling), Economics Letters, v 69, n 2, November 2000, pp235-238. (available online at http://www.elsevier.nl/homepage/sae/econbase/ecolet)
  • "Trade and Environmental Distortions: Coordinated Intervention," Environment and Development Economics, v 5, 2000, p361-375.
  • "Irreversibility and Restoration in Natural Resource Development," (With David Zilberman), Oxford Economic Papers, v 51, n 3, July 1999, p 559-573.

  • Working Papers:


    Economics 380: Environmental and Resource Economics, Fall 1999

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