Other Stuff


Things I’ve done:






Native of South Dakota  (This was once my home)


Other stuff:

Father of four, now grown, children

A grandfather of eight

Accomplished wrestler, baseball, and softball player

I am an endurance runner:

Completed a marathon (26.2 miles) in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia

Completed over 215 marathons or ultra marathons (races farther than 26.2 miles)

Completed my first 100 mile foot race on 27 August 2006

Completed the St. George Ironman on 7 May 2011

Ran darned near rim-to-rum in the Grand Canyon in one day in April 2013

Came back the next year and hiked/ran the whole Rim 2 Rim in one day in May 2014

I have two dogs, Angus and Miss Daisy, who have run many very long races with me and hiked all over the West

I do horrible things to a perfectly good guitar for an hour or so every day


Some Pictures: