News Notes for
Agent-Based Computational Economics (ACE)
July 1998

Prepared by:
Leigh Tesfatsion
Department of Economics
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa 50011-1070

ACE Web Site Address:

Appended below are news items that may be of interest to researchers interested in agent-based computational economics (ACE), the computational study of economies modelled as evolving decentralized systems of autonomous interacting agents. Items of more permanent interest will be retained at the ACE Web site.
ACE news notes are anticipated about once every two months during the regular academic year (September-May) but may be distributed more or less often as warranted by the amount of news. Please contact Leigh Tesfatsion ( if you wish to be added or removed from this news list, or if you have any news items you wish to have included in the next ACE news notes. Please do **NOT** use the list address.
Thank you.

New Teaching Section Added to the ACE Web Site

Construction of a new teaching section for the ACE Web site has been initiated. Currently this site contains only a single paper, entitled "Teaching ACE to Graduate Students." The plan, however, is to slowly enlarge this section with additional course-related ACE resources. Suggestions for relevant materials and pointers are most welcome.

In the paper "Teaching ACE to Graduate Students" I provide an overview of ACE for graduate economics students (and others) who want to know what ACE is all about. Particular attention is focused on modelling, experimental design, and experiment reporting issues, using an ACE labor market framework for concrete illustration. The paper (in postscript format, 276K) can be directly accessed at

Book Announcements

Note: The following book announcements have been incorporated into the syllabus of readings linked to the ACE Web site home page; links to publishers (for ordering purposes) can be found on the journals/publishers page linked to the ACE Web site home page.

Journal Announcements

Note: Pointers to the journals listed below (apart from Technology Review) have been incorporated into the journals/publishers page linked to the ACE Web site home page.

More ACE/CAS-Related Web Sites

Note: Pointers to the following Web sites have been incorporated into the "other ACE-related Web sites" page linked to the ACE Web site home page.

Conference Information

Note: The following announcements have been incorporated into the conference page linked to the ACE Web site home page.

Miscellaneous News Items

Reminder: News Items Requested for ACE News Notes and Complexity

Just a reminder that if you have news items you would like to have considered for inclusion in the ACE news notes, and/or the Complexity-at-Large section of the John Wiley journal Complexity, please email them to me at my email address I am also interested in receiving annotated cites to published articles or books (along with author URLs if available) that you believe would be of interest for inclusion in the annotated syllabus of readings at the ACE Web site. Thanks.

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