February 1997

1.  A number of new websites of interest to ACE researchers have
    opened up recently.  To check these out, click on the "other
    websites of interest" link at the ACE website

    NOTE: The ACE Web site URL was changed from abe.htm to ace.htm
    in August 1996.

2. The often cited virtual working paper by W. Brian Arthur, John
   Holland, Blake LeBaron, Richard Palmer and Paul Taylor on an
   artificial stock market now exists in hardcopy form:

       W. B. Arthur et al., "Asset Pricing Under Endogenous
       Expectations in an Artificial Stock Market," SSRI Working
       Paper 9625, University of Wisconsin, December 12, 1996.

   Contact to order a copy.

3. The Tenth Annual Complex Systems Summer School will be held
   June 1-27, 1997, at the Santa Fe Institute.  Applications are due
   in on February 21, 1997.  For more information, including
   application instructions, check out the Complex Systems Summer
   School website at
4.  Rob Axtell is helping to prepare an alife segment for the
    Discovery Channel.  Check out the Alife Story in the Science
    section at


    Josh Epstein and Rob Axtell's Sugarscape is the "play" part
    of the "Digital Playroom."

5. In cooperation with Ken Judd (Program Chair), Blake LeBaron and
   Leigh Tesfatsion are attempting to schedule a special satellite
   meeting on ACE to follow immediately after the regular meeting
   of the Conference on Computing in Economics and Finance,
   Stanford, June 30-July 2.  Possible workshop topics include:
   Building Agent-Based Virtual Economic Worlds; Agent Representation;
   ACE Experimental Design and Data Analysis; ACE Models in Education;
   and Applications/Policy Use of ACE Models.  More on this later.

6.  Source code and executable files (version 101) for D. McFadzean
    and L. Tesfatsion's C++ implementation of the "Trade Network
    Game" (TNG) are now downloadable in a zip file,, from

    Included in the zip file are detailed instructions (readme.txt)
    for running the TNG on an IBM compatible pc with windows, either
    through a Visual Basic shell window or from the DOS prompt.
    If interested, you may also want to download the "TNG manual,"
    "A C++ Platform for the Evolution of Trade Networks" (by D. McFadzean
    and L. Tesfatsion), available at this same website.