ACE News Notes: November 10, 1997

Maintained by: Leigh Tesfatsion, Iowa State University

ACE News Notes: November 10, 1997

Just a few notes that may be of interest to researchers interested in agent-based computational economics (ACE), the computational study of economies modelled as evolving decentralized systems of autonomous interacting agents. Items of more permanent interest will be retained at the ACE Web site at

Items currently available at this ACE Web site include: an annotated syllabus of ACE-related readings; ACE surveys; pointers to other Web sites containing ACE-related materials; a list of hotlinks for ACE-related software; and ACE-related conference notices.

ACE news notes are anticipated about once every month or so during the regular academic year, September-May. Please contact Leigh Tesfatsion ( if you wish to be added or removed from this news list, or if you have items you wish to have included in the news notes. Please do **not** use the list address.

Thank you.

1. Change in ACE Web Site Address

   Please note that the new ACE Web site address is
   For obvious reasons, "abe" has been replace by "ace."

2. New European/Germany ACE Site

   A European/German Page on ACE is now being maintained by Torsten
Eymann of the University of Freiburg in Germany.  This interesting
and informative site complements the U.S.-based ACE Web site that
I maintain by providing detailed information on ACE-related events,
people, and projects in Europe, with a particular focus on Germany.
The Web site address is

3. A More Official Outlet for ACE News Notes

   Dan Ashlock (Math Dept, ISU) and I have accepted invitations to
be the co-editors in charge of the Complexity-at-Large section of
_Complexity_, a John Wiley bi-monthly cross-disciplinary journal
focusing on complex adaptive systems. [See item 4, below, for the
_Complexity_ home page address.]
     Our specific charge is to gather together and present news
items of interest to the _Complexity_ journal readership at large.
These news items may include new book release notices and/or
reviews, new software notices and/or reviews, conference reports,
technological applications,...etc.  Dan will primarily focus on
biological and physical systems, while I will focus more on items
relating to social and socio-economic systems.  Both of us will also
keep an eye out for interesting items of a more abstract nature.
     In particular, then, any news items submitted to me for the ACE
news notes will henceforth also automatically be considered for
inclusion in the Complexity-at-Large section of _Complexity_.  I
welcome your input.

4. Established Journals Interested in ACE-Related Research

     Below is an alphabetical listing of established journals that
specialize in topics of particular interest to ACE researchers and
that have Web sites with subscription and manuscript submission

  Note: A list of hotlinks to these journals can be found
        at the ACE Web site (syllabus page).

(a) _Adaptive Behavior_
(b) _Artificial Life_
(c) _Complexity_
(d) _Computational Economics_
(e) _Evolutionary Computation_
(f) _Games and Economic Behavior_
(g) _IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation_
(h) _Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization_
(i) _Journal of Evolutionary Economics_
(j) _Macroeconomic Dynamics_

5. Two New Journals Interested in ACE Research

     Another journal interested in ACE related research is _Journal
of Public Economic Theory_, new from Basil Blackwell.  [I know this
because I am an associate editor.]  No Web site is yet available for
this journal; contact the editor John Conley ( for
submission information.
    Finally, another new journal that might be a good outlet for ACE
research is _Automous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems_, new from
Kluwer.  For more information about this journal, contact the
Executive Editor Nicholas Jennings ( at Queen
Mary and Westfield College, University of London, or Mrs. Karen
Cullen ( at the Kluwer Editorial Office in Norwell,
Massachusetts.  Some information about the journal may also be
found at the Kluwer Web site at

6. New Announcements for ACE-Related Conferences

  Note: A list of hotlinks for these conferences can be found
        at the ACE Web site (conference page).

     The Second International Conference on Autonomous Agents
(Agents'98) will be held in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, May
10--13, 1998.  A pre-conference one-day workshop will be held on May
9 on the topic "Artificial Societies and Computatational Markets."
The due date for paper submissions for this workshop is January 15,
1998.  For more information, contact the Workshop Chair Grigoris
Karakoulas , CIBC and University of Toronto,

     The Eighth International Symposium on Dynamic Games and
Applications will be held July 5-8, 1998, at the Chateau Vaalsbroek,
Maastricht, the Netherlands.  This Symposium is sponsored by
IEEE-CSS, IFAC, and INRIA.  Among the planned topics are learning
and adaptive games, evolutionary games, and cooperative equilibria.
The deadline for submission of papers and invited sessions is
January 2, 1998.  For more information, contact Ephie Deriche

7. New and Improved Software Available for the Trade Network Game

   Note: A list of hotlinks for all software and other items mentioned
         below can be found at the ACE Web site (software page).

    The Trade Network Game (TNG) combines evolutionary game play
with preferential partner selection in the context of various
user-specified buyer-seller markets.  C++ source code and executable
files for Version 104 of the TNG are now available for downloading
in a zip file (135K).  A text file of instructions for downloading,
unzipping, and running TNG (Version 104) is also available.
Modifications made to the online TNG program, as indicated by
changed version numbers, are explained in a script file.  Briefly,
TNG (Version 104) now includes separate evolution of distinct trader
types (pure buyers, buyer-sellers, and pure sellers).  It has also
been designed to be portable across all 32-bit hardware, and the
configuration file and default print statements have been modified
to be more user friendly.
   Included in the TNG program are supporting classes from
SimbioSys, a C++ library of abstract base classes developed by David
McFadzean for the general agent-based evolutionary simulation of
both biological and social systems.  A detailed description of
SimBioSys is given in David McFadzean's 1995 Master's Thesis from
the University of Calgary.  This thesis and/or the entire SimBioSys
class library can be separately downloaded.

8. Request for ACE and ACE-Related Software

     Since the last ACE news notes, a number of additional hotlinks
have been added to the software page linked to the ACE Web site.
However, apart from TNG (Version 104) described in item 7, above,
these hotlinks are for general alife software.
     If you have ACE related software that is at least at the beta
testing level---i.e., no compilation or run-time errors and no known
implementation errors---and if you have this software publicly
available for downloading from a Web site, please let me know and I
will add a hotlink to your software on the ACE Web site.  I
personally believe that it is particularly important at this stage
in the development of ACE that we make available our software so
that others (particularly students) can experiment with it and
can suggest or even make further improvements.  Thanks for your